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About Us


The Governments flagship Green Deal, and Energy Company Obligation (ECO),  requires the energy companies in the UK to fund £1.3b per annum of energy saving measures. One of the first and key measures over the coming decades will be to install external  / solid wall insulation to 6.7m solid wall properties across the UK.

The Innovative CALISTA™ Products have been developed and engineered from the expertise,  knowledge and collaboration from two different industries . With skills from the renewable and motor manufacturing sector, to overcome an age old problem of using timber pattress incorporated into the installation process of external solid wall insulation, that has been standard practice in the application  for over 25 years.

Our Vision demonstrates our Support for the Green Deal and use of Micro-Generation, and at CALISTA™  our products are manufactured with materials that are recyclable, and some products manufactured from recycled materials, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions.

A rare and unique  opportunity to redefine best practice with the removal of timber from all insulation projects, providing a more insulated home and at a reduced cost compared to today’s  market rates, a win win for everyone.

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